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Alumni Panel Video

We hope you will take an hour to sit down, relax, and learn more about the outcomes of the education you have invested in for your children! You can watch this in one sitting, in short segments at your convenience, or listen to it as a podcast while walking outdoors! We would love to hear your reflections or further questions after viewing; there is so much in here to appreciate!

The video link is
The password is FBSAlumni (case sensitive).

You can also listen to a podcast of the Alumni Panel here

May 7, 2021: May Calendar Updates

As we cautiously begin having outdoor gatherings, we find that local COVID-related restrictions still make us unable to have an annual Family Beach Picnic on May 29th. We look forward to seeing many more of you at the Primary Coffee Discussion, the Elementary Coffee Discussion, and the Secondary Level Tea, very soon.

Elementary families: please note that the first day of your children’s Drama Workshop at the Gorton Community Center happens to also be the last day of school for the younger classes, Friday, May 28. It is a half day for the rest of the school, but 9-3pm for Elementary at Gorton Center. Please plan to drop your Elementary-aged children at Gorton promptly at 9:00 and pick them up at 3:00.

Full attendance to the workshop is necessary– Friday, May 28, June 1, June 2, June 3, and June 4, 9:00am to 3:00pmevery day. Please do not schedule any appointments or interruptions during these days, as the children will be filming their performances continually. Please call the office if you have any questions. We will be talking about your children’s drama workshop experiences at the Elementary Coffee at school on Friday, May 21st with elementary parents. 

To conclude, this is a good time to refamiliarize everyone with the latest version of our Family Handbook, which is available on our website For those who have asked about our technology recommendations and guidelines, they have been clarified on page 7/8. Please let us know if you have any questions!

April 23, 2021: Calendar Updates

We have several calendar events to share with you!

Regretfully, we have had to cancel this year’s Mother’s Visit and Father’s Visit with the students in their classrooms. We expect that these will resume next year.

We DO have some fun events in-person for parents coming up this month:

  • A Book Fair on May 17 & 18 in our school hallway! Lake Forest Book Store will bring preselected, quality books for purchase for your children’s summer reading.

I look forward to seeing every parent in person at school for these outdoor events, please look for an Evite in your email inbox soon, for one of the following:

  • For Young Children’s Community parents: A Montessori From the Start Lecture, “To The Woods! Embracing the Outdoors” 8:50 am at the school entrance, Thursday, May 6th.
  • For Primary Level Parents: A Coffee Discussion and Welcome for Primary Level parents, 8:50am outside our Secondary Level building, Thursday, May 13th.
  • For Elementary parents: A Coffee Discussion, Supporting Your Children in their Drama Workshop: “Coming Together while the World Falls Apart’”! 8:50am outside our Secondary Level building, Friday, May 21st.
  • For Secondary Level parents: A Secondary Level Tea hosted outdoors at a parent’s residence at 2:00pm, Friday, May 21st.

Our new Head of School, Laura Earls, will join these events to meet you all in person, too; Please mark your calendars! Thank you!

COVID screening: Beginning next week, Directors will no longer be checking children’s temperatures at drop-off. They will only check temperatures when needed. This means that it is ESPECIALLY important that parents continue with the home screening texts that you receive every morning before school. We are so grateful that we have had great fortune of good health in our school community this spring. The Directors and I deeply appreciate everyone’s efforts. At Forest Bluff, we will continue to wear masks, wash hands, socially distance, wipe down high-touch surfaces and spend time outside in the open air as much as possible. Warmer weather is on the way!