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We hope you will take an hour to sit down, relax, and learn more about the outcomes of the education you have invested in for your children! You can watch this in one sitting, in short segments at your convenience, or listen to it as a podcast while walking outdoors! We would love to hear your reflections or further questions after viewing; there is so much in here to appreciate!

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April 13, 2021: Conferences and Gratitude

The Directors and I look forward to seeing you in the Parent-Teacher conferences this week and weekend. Please meet each Director on their classroom patio, to sit outside, socially distanced and masked while on the school property. Please remember that children are not permitted on the property during conferences, and that both parents are requested to attend their child’s conference. We appreciate your planning accordingly. This is a busy time, with more than 100 meetings happening, so please be prompt and remember that each conference is thirty minutes in length.

This has been a challenging year for all of us. We have all had to make sacrifices, accommodations and adjustments. You and your children have done an outstanding job of adapting to the conditions of the year, and have made the best of it. There have been restrictions on socializing, after-school activities, and travel. In addition, mask requirements have challenged our children’s communication and social skills.

Despite these difficulties, your children have had incredible growth and positive experiences from being in-person at school—talking, laughing, and learning. They have worked with the beautiful Montessori materials and, like old friends, the materials have brought them comfort and helped them to develop their abilities in all areas. The children have composed music, written plays and acted them out, comforted one another, and eaten their lunches together outside in the snow.

As you head into your Parent-Teacher conferences, take a slow walk on our prairie footpaths and congratulate yourselves for making it through an extraordinary year. Your children are finishing strong, with beautiful math work, science experiments, metal insets, and button sewing to show you. No matter their ages or stages of life, these children embraced the Montessori environment and continue to amaze us with their resiliency and fortitude. Thank you for all your support. Enjoy your conferences!