Montessori Homeschool Gallery

The kids are so excited about their indoor garden. They planted a variety of tomatoes, beans, peas, basil, poppies, and lupines.  First thing in the morning, they run to the basement to check on them and to make sure they have water. They are keeping science journals to write their reflections and to keep track of the plant growth. It is so fun to watch their enthusiasm for this project.

Working on hand-eye coordination with painting and glueing

Our son made a delicious cookie pie and enjoyed it at a backyard picnic with his brothers. The Oven Story from his class meeting was an inspiration. He also created his own banana honey nut bread recipe!

Spring flowers are here, and what better way to celebrate than with a little flower arranging! It's also fun to build your own balance beam outside with old paver bricks. 

A Montessori home includes a simple, clean, and organized work space with materials that children can easily access themselves. 

Montessori naturally lends itself to interdisciplinary work. Here, a child works independently on an experiment that combines science and art. Add in some written observations, and you have language, too! 

Children of all ages are contributing to their families by helping with chores and taking responsibility for the care of plants and pets. 

Working outside is a nice way to break up the homeschool day. There are lots of important jobs to be done! 

Using printable Montessori materials provided by the teachers, parents are able to recreate some of their children's favorite works at home.  

There are so many ways to practice cursive. Flour, chalk, sand, rice, paper and pencil...

Children are using books and materials they already had at home to learn about the planets, dinosaurs, three-dimensional shapes, and so much more! 

Baking is a favorite activity for many Montessori families. Find some simple recipes here

A Montessori students set up a science experiment to test pH

Secondary students conducted an experiment to test pH, using red cabbage and common household items.

Homemade bead chains and metal insets can be used daily, providing hours of meaningful work.  

When it comes to art, the possibilities really are endless.

We found much inspiration in viewing the photo gallery and reading all the homeschooling activities. Today, our daughter helped prepare lunch for the family. It was a great experience for her to read the recipe, determine all the right tools, and prepare the ingredients.