Montessori School Tuition and Fees

Forest Bluff Montessori School Tuition Policy

For more information about Forest Bluff Montessori School tuition, see the table below. Payment of the tuition deposit confirms your intention to enroll your child at Forest Bluff School for the 2018-2019 school year. If your child enters Forest Bluff School mid-year, the tuition is pro-rated accordingly. Payment of full tuition is due before your child’s first day of school.

September 2018 – May 2019





Young Children's Community

18 months - 3 years

8:30 – 11:30


Primary Level

3 & 4 years
52 - 6 years

8:30 – 11:30
8:30 – 3:20


Lower Elementary

6 - 93 years

8:30 – 3:30


Upper Elementary

9 - 12 years

8:30 – 3:30


Secondary Level

12 - 14 years

8:30 – 3:30



Due February 28, 2018 non-refundable deposit (applies toward tuition).  $750
Due May 15, 2018 non-refundable deposit for Secondary students only (applies toward tuition.) $1,500
Due July 1, 2018 Tuition Payment (balance due) Please see above rate schedule
Drama Workshop Fee (for Elementary Levels only) $425
Books and Materials Fee (for Secondary Level students only) $350
For new families only:   
Refundable Educational Certificatedue before your child's first day of school $2,000

2 Tuition is pro-rated to the Upper Elementary Level amount from the child’s 9th birthday to the end of that school year.
3 Please note Secondary Level students will be billed later in the spring.
4 Each new family purchases one $2000 Educational Certificate, redeemable at the time of their youngest child’s graduation
from the Secondary Level (age 14) or an elementary school elsewhere (age 12).

When Paula Lillard greeted us at Forest Bluff years ago, it didn’t take long before her passion for her school and commitment to its success were revealed. We slowly walked from classroom to classroom, and she spoke of Montessori principles and explained what children were doing for close to two hours, much longer than we had expected.

I left that day impressed by her dedication but still unsure if it was the school for us. All it took was a visit to a different school – and the chaos apparent there – to persuade us that our kids would be in good hands at Forest Bluff School.