Remote Learning Plans

Forest Bluff School expects to be open for students to attend in person in the fall. If we have to work remotely again for any reason, we have created a great plan for each age level!

Remote Learning Plans

YCC Remote Learning Plan

Primary Level Remote Learning Plan

Elementary Level Remote Learning Plan

Secondary Level Remote Learning Plan

Adjustments and changes may be made to these later, based on updated information over the summer and observations of children’s responses in the fall on a weekly basis. Your children’s intellectual knowledge, motivation to learn and sense of responsibility for their learning, close relationships with their Directors and their social experiences with others, are prioritized in these plans. The Remote Learning Plans differ from one another to reflect the characteristics and developmental needs of each age level.

They address:

  • The structure of each work day that reflects the classroom day.
  • That the children will be held accountable for their learning.
  • Ways instruction will be delivered.
  • The fact that physical learning materials may be borrowed or created for use at home.
  • That individualized work plans and meetings with the Directors will guide student progress.
  • How Directors will give feedback and encouragement to children’s work.
  • Director availability for individualized conversations with parents.

Health & Safety

Unlike most other schools, Forest Bluff School is optimally positioned to comply with CDC guidelines and therefore more likely to be open for in-person learning:

-Every classroom has its own side door for access that does not require a teacher or children to walk through the building to get to their specific classroom.

-Every classroom has space and numbers of children that allow for social distancing and moving through the spaces without having to pass closely, for instance, furniture is all movable and have large spaces between them.

-Every classroom has its own bathroom for the children in that group to share and only one person at a time uses it.

-Every classroom has two sinks in it for that group of children to wash their hands frequently.

-Each child has his or her own drawer to keep their own work.

-Children can use their own pencils and belongings and keep them in their individual drawers.

-Learning materials can be used individually then disinfected and covered with sheets until sharing is allowed.

-Children can spend time outside working on their class patio and still be seen by their Director, patios are part of every classroom.

-Our rooms have ample air flow with many windows, wide, open spaces and high ceilings.

-To play outside, we have prairie paths and open spaces to run and play games at social distances

-Parents can pick up and drop off their children easily from multiple side doors.

-Children do not have to move from one room to another for each class subject and there aren’t different teachers for every subject, so exposure between numbers of people is already very limited.

-When permissible to go to other spaces in the building, children can get to any other room by outside doors and do not have to pass through communal spaces in the building (i.e. hallway or stairwells) to do so.

-We have two enclosed rooms in our building where a sick child can be safely quarantined while waiting to be picked up if necessary.

-We have an ample supply of equipment, information and plans for handling this COVID-19 era.

-We have an on-site registered nurse as one of our Directors.